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struct in EvolveUI.Unsafe

A simple pool allocator intended to be used to allocate lists of unmanaged types.Memory returned is NOT cleared, user must clear it if desired.Uses a set of fixed block allocators but doesn't commit memory into the block sizesuntil it actually needs to, which should reduce memory waste dramatically.

This will not recycle blocks between sizes because I don't want to pay the price of coalescingneighboring blocks that are free. (a-la Buddy allocator)


minAllocSizeDescription goes here
maxAllocSizeDescription goes here
pageSizeDescription goes here
# Methods
ClearDescription goes here
DisposeDescription goes here
AllocateClearedDescription goes here
AllocateDescription goes here
FreeDescription goes here
GetPageCountDescription goes here
DumpPageStatsDescription goes here
ReallocateDescription goes here
GetCapacityFromSizeDescription goes here