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This documentation is a WORK IN PROGRESS


Package Manager

Evolve can be installed via Unity's Package Manager by:


You can download the latest version of Evolve from here. {Instructions for extraction}


Evolve comes with a plugin for Rider that enables intellisense and styling for easier development.

  1. Steps here

The below contains text pulled out of the QuestLog tutorial. This article should transform to describe the point of the UI Reloader script

  • Camera sets the camera that will render the UI. This property will automatically default to the Main camera when not set.
  • Job Threads specifies how many threads the Burst compiler can use for running the UI. The default is set to 4 because allowing Burst to use all the system threads can lead to a slower update time.
  • DPI Scale lets you override the default dots per inch (DPI) that the monitor has - which effectively allows you to scale the UI up or down.
  • Disable Batching is for debugging only and tells the render system not to optimize draw calls. It should be used with the frame debugger to see how things render.


Add two more Colors, which will be used by the font assets later:

  • Name: PrimaryAccentColor and Color: #77E2C7
  • Name: SecondaryAccentColor and **Co