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Typography is almost the same as a template except it deals exclusively with text elements. It has an extra implicit parameter called text which is the string of text it represents and makes the $text built in available. Unlike a template, typography cannot declare a render block or slots.

// This is a trival typography with no extra behavior or style
// Declaring typography like this is useful to define a consistent
// set of text based elements for your game.
typography Label;

// a more complex typography declaration can include parameters, state, behavior etc.
typography ComplexLabel : CompanionType {

required bool isBold;

state int clickCount;

style = [@some-style];
attr:bold = isBold;

mouse:click => clickCount++;

// $text provides an interface for getting/setting/manipulating the underlying text string
before:update => $text.SetText($"Clicked {clickCount} times");


// typography can also accept generics
typography GenericLabel<T> {

required T value;

before:update => $text.SetText(value.ToString());