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Evolve is an incredibly powerful UI system that can be used with Unity to create responsive UI that can be easily bound to data. The entire look and feel are driven by the robust styling system. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll not only understand the basics of how the system works but also have a fully functional quest log that you can use in your game.

Learning Outcomes

This tutorial will cover basic functionality of Evolve, including how to:

  • Setup the compilation and module assets
  • Use templates, general elements, and create custom elements
  • Setup and use styling to drive the look and feel
  • Use the basics of the animation system


  • You should have Unity 2020.3 or later to follow along with this tutorial.
  • Jetbrains Rider is required if you want to use IDE styling and intellisense.
  • This tutorial assumes you already have advanced knowledge of Unity and C#.

Project Files